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​Finding the perfect career path is a must for aspiring accountants. At CY Resourcing, we help accountancy job applicants discover companies and opportunities that they can use to move their career forward and in the right direction.

Usually, to be hired for an Accounts job, an applicant must have certain important qualities or skills that an employer is looking for. For those applying for an accountant job title, investing some time to improve on the following skill-sets is worthwhile as it will improve one's chances of securing a new position quickly.

Quality & Skills of Accountancy Job Applicants

  • Skills

How do you manage your tasks? Can you find a way to organize several workloads? Can you come up with a way to manage several requirements of your job? These are just some of the questions that aspiring professionals looking for an accountancy job should be able to answer.

Accountants usually deal with a lot of figures, data, and paperwork. For this reason, they should learn how to navigate a system to easily access key information. This will help them become more productive at work.

  • Time Management Skills

The work of accountants often requires handling a lot of tasks, some even beyond the scope of financial management. As professionals involved in the strategic decision-making of an organization, accountants are often assigned with lots of figures and data to analyse.

Accountants should be able to learn what tasks they should prioritize. This often requires coming up with strategies to schedule workloads. For this reason, organizers and calendars are considered essential for an accountancy job.

  • Attention to Detail

Inaccuracy has no room in accountant jobs. Accountants are very detail oriented, particularly when dealing with financial information. Sometimes, missing a single digit in balance sheets can mean a lot because it can even alter the quality of their reports. Thus, accountants need to ensure that the numbers they input are always correct and accurate.

  • Client Focus

Accountancy jobs do not only entail dealing with numbers, but also involve meeting with different clients. Accountants should be able to meet the goals they set together with their clients to satisfy financial management requirements.

More often, this involves having enough understanding of the client’s industry, sector, and other important details or information. From these resources, accountants should be able to decide on applicable accounting rules and economic measures.

  • Creativity

Some might ask, “What is the role of creativity in a job vacancy for accounting?” This will come as a surprise, but accountancy jobs do have room for creative individuals who can think “outside the box”. This involves coming up with creative ways to solve client problems and provide fresh solutions to their needs. Accountants do need to get their juices flowing from time to time!

  • Trustworthiness

A reputation for being trustworthy is probably one of the best assets of accountants. Accounting jobs involve dealing with a lot of sensitive financial information. Important data is considered confidential and cannot be shared with third parties. Doing so has lots of repercussion for a company’s business as well as to the career of accountants.

  • Communication Skills

A job published in a job posting site today includes communication skills as one of its major requirements. Accountant jobs are not an exception. Accountants should be able to communicate well with colleagues they collaborate with when working on financial matters.

From time to time, they also need to present reports to managers or company owners. Having working knowledge on communication tools like presentations is very important.

  • Flexibility

Technology is changing at a very fast pace. With this, processes and some industry practices are usually affected. Accounting jobs require the ability to adopt new ideas and be open to new challenges. Getting left behind is not an option. Whether it means learning new programs or software, or finding new ways to manage a company’s finances, accountants should be ready to adapt at all cost.

  • Team Player

An accountancy job is not a desk job wherein you have to face only your computer. Accountants deal with a lot of people as well, particularly clients and colleagues or managers from other departments. This is the reason why aspiring applicants for the job title of an accountant should learn the value of being a team player.

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