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Why Pursue an Accounting Job?

You can apply for an accounting job if you want to begin your career in the corporate world. Today, accounting is one of the most profitable and in-demand professions. Aside from that, there are other advantages that accountancy offers to applicants.          

An Accounting Job Offers a Competitive Salary

You will be satisfied with what you will earn if you plan to pursue an accounting job. A newly hired accountant can earn around a four to five-figure income. A certified accountant can potentially earn even more than that.         

            An Accounting Job Offers Security

There is a huge chance for job security if you start your career as an accountant. This is because the accounting aspect of a company is vital in order to be financially competitive. 

An Accounting Job Offers Benefits

You can enjoy a lot of privileges by being an accountant. You can receive employee benefits such as health care and insurance coverage. Aside from that, you can also have flexible working hours and the opportunity of starting your own accounting firm once you’ve become established in the industry.

Different Accountancy Jobs

Accountants have different areas of expertise. They perform various tasks in accordance with their skills and knowledge. They can even have more than one specialisation. Below are the different accountancy jobs for aspiring accountants:       

Corporate Accounting Job

This area of accountancy deals with the accounting of financial transactions of companies. An accountant specialising in corporate accountancy handles a corporate’s audit and cash flow statements, consolidates balance sheets, and analyses the corporate’s financial outputs.

A corporate accounting job also deals with budget preparation. You must know how to allocate funds for the different departments to ensure that the company always meets its financial goals.

Public Accounting Job

If you want to handle the finances of multiple clients, then a public accounting job suits you best. You will be responsible for preparing your client’s tax returns and financial statements, and auditing their accounting records.

Aside from that, you will provide additional services to your clients such as fraud investigations, health care auditing, and litigation services for insurance claims.

Tax Accounting Job

You will handle tax returns and payments if you pursue a career as a tax accountant. A tax accounting job requires applicants to be knowledgeable about tax regulations.

Duties of a tax accountant include: identifying tax savings and strategising ways to increase his or her client’s revenue, preparing quarterly and annual tax reports, updating his or her client’s tax database, liaising with the client’s internal and external auditors, and estimating relevant tax details.

Managerial Accounting Job

Managerial accountancy or cost accounting aims to help managers in making business plans. These business plans are projects which the company plans to venture into. As a managerial accountant, you will be responsible for measuring and examining proposals and supporting any auditing plans.

Internal Auditing

Working as an internal auditor means that you will need to assess the company’s financial performance before the external auditor does. You must be able to perform operational audits to ensure that a company has sufficient and effective internal business control in compliance with the law.           

In addition, internal auditors need to evaluate the company’s information technology audits for data protection. They are also trusted to measure the efficacy of a company’s risk management program, so company operations would be as stable as possible.

What Are the Qualities Accounting Firms Look for in an Accountant?

Every company wants someone who is not only qualified for the position but also a reliable asset. An employer will always see to it that an applicant meets a specific set of qualities needed for the job. For those applying for accountancy jobs, investing some time to improve on the following gives you the opportunity to get hired as soon as possible.      

You Should Possess Strong Attention to Details

Expect to do financial reports and computations if you want to work for an accounting firm. Business information that you include in any paperwork must be correct to avoid any mishap. As an aspiring accountant, you need to have good attention to details. Employers hire an applicant who can effectively record important data and spot errors.

You Should Effectively Manage Schedules

Aside from being organised, you must be able to manage multiple tasks in a day. You need to equip yourself with proper management skills to discern which tasks should be prioritized and which should not. Learn how to properly schedule your time, so you wouldn’t be overloaded with work.

You Should Be a Problem Solver

An accountant not only computes and interprets numerical data but also analyses the current financial situation of a company. Accountants are expected to provide long-term solutions to the management regarding financial policies and workflow. Stable financial decisions lead to improved business operations.

You Should Always Be Flexible

Getting left behind is not an option. Adaptability is one thing that you should possess to keep up with the financial industry. This means developing new ways of managing business finances or learning new things along the way.

You Should Have Good Communication Skills

Accountants should know how to effectively communicate. There will be times when you will need to explain a few data to your company managers, the board of directors, supervisors, etc. Being able to communicate clearly will allow you to contribute more to your team and your company.

You Should Have Organisational Skills

You can have a better chance of landing an accounting job if you have organisational skills. Accounting firms want someone who can handle data efficiently while dealing with a lot of figures and paperwork.       

You Should Have Software Expertise

It is necessary for you to be familiar with accounting software tools so you can perform your duties effectively. Different clients may require you to utilize various programs such as QuickBooks, Sage Accounting, NetSuite, and others.

How Will You Prepare for a Job Interview in an Accounting Firm?

Wear the Proper Attire

Wearing the right clothing for the occasion always leaves a good impression on interviewers. It is important for accountants to make sure that they are wearing the proper business attire when going to a job interview. Formally dressing up for an interview shows your professionalism.           

            Research About the Company

Expect that your interviewer will ask you about their company. Try to learn as much information as you can about them. Use the company’s website and study information like the company’s vision and mission, experience in the industry, etc.

            Listen and Try to Ask Questions

Always listen to what your interviewer is about to say or ask. Remember to ask a few questions as well. This will leave an impression on your interviewer that you are a good conversationalist.   

In addition, asking questions may prove that you know things about the industry and would like to confirm some factual information. It also shows how interested you are with the company and the financial industry. 

Only Bring the Essentials on the Day of Your Interview

It is never a good thing to bring too much stuff on the day of your interview. It can be a bit of a hassle for you. The only things that you want to bring on your interview are extra copies of your resume, portfolio, and other important documents.

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