Business is booming in Worcestershire


Information and statistics provided by the Inform Direct Review of UK Company Formations shows some staggering figures regarding business formations in Worcestershire in 2017. A total of 7,804 businesses were formed in Worcestershire during 2017, which is 15.9% more compared to 2016.

The split into areas looks like this:

In a league table of the counties in England, Worcestershire is in 18th place with London, Greater Manchester and West Midlands taking the top spots with 205,527, 31,124 and 26,802 new companies formed respectively.

Compared to the 7,804 businesses formed in Worcestershire last year, 3,700 companies were dissolved resulting in there being a total of 38,764 businesses registered in Worcestershire at the end of 2017.

Here’s a look at the past 5 years:

The future is looking bright for Worcestershire!

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