10 most expensive commutes in the world



Ever wondered where was the most expensive place to commute to work in the world? Unsurprisingly, our little city of Worcester does not appear in the list however, this article by Recruitment Grapevine can tell you the top 10.

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This past week, commuting has topped news reels across the UK. Commuters have been hit by delays, cancellations and confusion as updates to train travel failed to be rolled out in an effective manner.

The issues – largely surrounding Govia Thameslink in London and Northern in the North of England – have topped headlines, Twitter feeds and have left commuters disillusioned with the changes all week. Perhaps this is obvious, as commuting pains spark some of the biggest frustrations for millions of people all over the world every single day.

One of the biggest gripes is that it costs too much to commute. According to a recent totaljobs survey, the average UK commuter will spend £135,000 on travelling to work over the course of a lifetime. This equates to £146 a month, with Londoners spending much more.

Although there are things that employers can do to alleviate some of the stresses – season ticket loans, work from home schemes and split-cost travel amongst them – there are some places in the world that are terrifyingly expensive to commute in.

City (average cost per month(£))

10. Wellington, New Zealand £76

9. Frankfurt, Germany £80

8. Amsterdam, Netherlands £81

7. Melbourne, Australia £83

6. Toronto, Canada £85

5. New York City, United States of America £91

4. Sydney, Australia £95

3. Auckland, New Zealand £103

2. Dublin, Ireland £107

1. London, England £148


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