What's The Worst?

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Whats the worst….or maybe the best?

Whats the worst….or maybe the best?

Thing to hear your boss say…

  • Are you taking your laptop on holiday with you?
  • You hadn’t got any plans after work tonight had you?
  • Lets all swap desks.
  • What do you think about my management style?

Interview question…

  • What do you think of garden Gnomes?
  • Draw for me a picture of your favourite animal
  • If you were a pen what type would you be and explain the benefits of it.
  • What one super power would you choose to have and what would you do with it?

Habit of a colleague…

  • Bringing in chocolate biscuits when I am on a diet.
  • Singing…very, very badly.

Journey to work you have had…

  • Tipping a big mug of coffee all down my clean white shirt whilst stuck on the M40 and due to be in an important meeting.
  • Having to abandon the car, don wellies and walk through knee deep flood water.
  • Getting stuck on a delayed underground train sardined under sweaty armpits.

Thing you have done at an important meeting...

  • Split my trousers wide open.
  • Got locked in the toilets leaving everyone wondering where I had gone.
  • Missed it – put in the wrong post code and arrived on time, just 30 miles away.  
  • Gone into the wrong meeting and spent 10 minutes having a very confused conversation.

Team building exercise

  • Being stuck under a capsized canoe, fortunately not drowning but still cold and wet for the rest of the afternoon.

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