Solving Recruitment Problems

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Whatever your recruitment challenges, CY provides the solutions:-

No time!

Its year end, I have deadlines to meet, vacant posts and key people going off on leave. I have hardly got the time to review a Job Description let alone spend hours looking at CVs and interviewing people who often aren’t even that interested in the vacancy.

CY consultants are experts in managing the most efficient recruitment processes to save you time. Just give us your vacancy details and a few slots in your diary and we will do all the rest. With a 20 year track record of successful recruitment, you know you can trust us do everything for you, as you would want it to be done.

Few suitable applicants?

I have blown the budget advertising on the jobs boards and not had any suitable applicants.

CY will generate more suitable applicants for your vacancies, including potential you will not find anywhere else. The large CY candidate database has been built up over 20 years, encompassing many people who have only used us for each of their career moves. Rest assured our team of dedicated Resourcers, will also advertise your vacancies locally and nationally, search CV libraries and social media most effectively but our 20 years’ worth of candidate knowledge means we already know who to approach and we don’t have to wait, hoping someone will reply to an advert or social media message.

Poor interviewees? 

The applications looked OK but when I interviewed them they didn’t actually have the skills or team fit required. They were more interested in music than finance! There was one I thought was great until I offered them the position only to find that they actually wanted more money and less hours. Worst of all after 3 weeks of time consuming toing and froing I have no new recruit and am back to the drawing board.

Your CY consultant is an expert in vacancies like yours and will most efficiently select for you a shortlist of suitable skilled candidates, who have been thoroughly briefed about your vacancy and conditions. We will ensure that you save the considerable time so often wasted on wading through irrelevant CVs, interviewing the wrong people and all the other time consuming hassles that can arise.

Wrong recruits? 

Despite careful skill matching and thorough interviewing the new recruit hasn’t worked out. The failure was actually nothing to do with abilities, rather they didn’t have the right aims, attitude and approach.

Unfortunately recruitment mistakes can be costly, estimated at up to £40k per failed recruit. When failures are analysed, it is more often than not due to attitude and approach.  CY consultants have the experience and expertise to ensure cultural fit. We take time to get to know our clients and candidates, building up trust and understanding often over many years. Achieving the perfect match is the most satisfying part of our job.