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With a team of recruitment experts, CY provides in depth services for all your financial  recruitment and team development needs:-  

Case Study

Recruiting my 6 new senior Finance Managers

By TW, CFO of 600 million T/O service organisation

"I engaged CY to deliver a comprehensive search and selection process for six senior manager vacancies. My requirement was to recruit only the best and I believe that has been delivered without compromise across all six of the posts. This has been evidenced very clearly for those candidates now in post and who have each established in short order their credibility and calibre with colleagues.

I set a challenging timetable and was demanding as regards the calibre of process. This was delivered within the agreed time frame and with a relevant choice of experienced candidates for each role. Long listed candidates had been interviewed and objectively assessed by my CY Recruitment Manager, enabling effective selection for the shortlists.

I am clear that CY and I worked well, they understood our requirements in detail and used their knowledge of the market to identify the best candidates who could meet the challenges of the role, as well as offering alternative solutions to give more variety when deciding the final shortlist.

My CY Recruitment Manager was a very helpful addition to our final interview panel, providing valuable support and advice.

From start to finish, this has been a job very well done and done in a very good way - professional, candid, objective and absolutely retained my confidence throughout.  CY have done us proud".