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Permanent recruitment

Making the best appointment depends on adopting the right strategies and processes:

Strategies:  With ever increasing talent shortages and on average 4 vacancies competing for each job seeker, employers are struggling to get quality applicants and more likely to make costly recruitment mistakes. As leading financial recruitment specialists we have more choice and better candidate attraction strategies for your vacancies.   

Processes: Our 360 degree service is tailored to your needs and designed to ensure the recruitment process is as easy as possible for you and engaging for the candidates. Organising everything for you around your availability, from carrying out preliminary testing you may require and arranging interviews through to completing your in house forms, negotiating on offer and start dates. If you prefer to interview off site, our new A1 Offices and interview facilities are at your disposal; come in, have coffee and let us do the rest.  

Recruiting teams & multiple Vacancies

Re-organising teams, multiple vacancies or high temp usage would benefit from an overall talent acquisition strategy. CY has the required expertise to devise strategies that ensure your business has the financial skills and people it needs to succeed.  Options include an ongoing talent alert programme, so you are first to know about new people entering the jobs market through to detailed campaigns recruiting whole teams within tight timescales.

Talent Management Strategies

Your organisation is unique and so is the mix of talent you need to achieve your business goals. The skills in your teams now may not be right to deliver your future business plans, so recruitment need to reflect future business plans .CY consultants are experts in finance functions and the skills required to fulfil different tasks. We can compile talent management strategies that encompass the availability of required talent, how to ensure the skills you need will be in place as and when your business needs them, including how to hire, develop and retain the best people.

Employer Brand Enhancement

With skill shortages and high levels of competition for the best people, CY will help promote your organisation to be an employer of choice. For example, we take time to understand and ensure information given to candidates clearly explain what the organisation does, what it achieves, the value it creates (not just financial), the organisation’s aims and where employees fit in. The profits and growth for a business may be impressive but along side that it is also important to present the people side, recognising excellence and the awards staff have won, the charity events staff have taken part in, the competitions and team building events.    

Extensive research on employer branding found that the most significant factor in influencing the perceptions of others was peer group comments. Ultimately, people are most swayed by what others like them are saying about the organisation. CY can carry out a review and advise you of ways to enhance this. In information about vacancies, this is enhanced by including a profile of another comparable employee and their positive comments about the organisation, what they have enjoyed, learned, achieved so far etc. Taking this a step further, a video including colleagues and managers speaking about your organisation, the culture, team spirit, opportunities etc, would all add further in promoting your Brand to target audiences.