Finance Jobs Gloucestershire

​Career shifters and fresh graduates with a degree in finance are having a tough time deciding which career path to take. This is because of the common misconception that financial career is very tough and only limited to investment banking.

Contrary to this idea, a background in finance offers a wide range of job opportunities from different industries. Although finance jobs may be challenging, the stability and reward it offers are second to none. CY Resourcing can help you discover more about the different career areas in finance and the broad range of finance jobs offered by different industries.

Three Areas of Finance

Finance jobs can be classified into three categories. Each section covers a distinct part of financial work in a company. The three areas in finance are:

Corporate Finance

The primary role of corporate finance is to help the company find a way to pay for something. For example, the business owner is planning to build a new factory for the company. The corporate finance officer will be the one to figure out how to pay for it.

In other words, corporate finance is the area responsible for maximizing and increasing shareholder value. It includes handling the budget and doing the financial analysis of the company.

Financial Markets and Institutions

A financial market is a platform of economic exchange. The financial institutions act as the middlemen between the savers and borrowers to ensure a flawless transfer of funds between the two.

The common examples of financial markets are:

·       Insurance Markets

·       Mortgage Markets

·       Capital Markets (Stocks, Shares, and Bonds)

·       Money Markets


This involves giving financial planning advice for individual investors, helping businesses raise capital, and assisting individuals in developing long-term financial goals and portfolios. The main concern of investment finance is to act as a facilitator that offers funds for small business through investors.

Why Should You Pursue Finance Jobs?

Compared to other careers, pursuing finance jobs can be considered as the most practical. This is because finance jobs can provide you benefits that other Gloucestershire jobs cannot offer, such as:

Finance Jobs Offer Lots of Job Vacancies

Some people choose to take a profession in finance because it has a wide range of career opportunities. There are many job vacancies for this line of work that offer competitive salaries.

Since a career in finance is very flexible, you have to decide first which in the financial industry you are willing to take. Below are some of the interesting finance jobs available for financial professionals:

·       Corporate Finance

·       Financial Planning

·       Investment Banking

·       Private Equity

·       Investment Management

·       Commercial Lending

·       Sales and Trading

With a degree in finance, you can apply for any job vacancies in different industries such as:

·       Corporate Management

·       International Financial Management

·       Investment Services

·       Financial Planning Services

·       Personal Financial Planning for Individuals and Private Organizations

·       Brokerage Firms

·       Insurance Companies

·       Commercial and Investment Banks

·       Credit Unions and Private Banks

Finance Jobs Provide Great Earning Potentials

The proposed salary for entry-level positions in finance jobs is considered more competitive compared to other Gloucestershire jobs. However, there are still other factors that can affect your salary offer such as your experience and expertise for the job you are applying for.

Finance Jobs Offer Security

Having a stable job is important for everyone. Finance jobs may be tough at first, but it can get easier day by day. As you become an expert in your work, your performance gets better which may lead you to a higher position.

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How We Can Help You Land a Financing Job

A reputable recruitment agency can help applicants like you in many ways. CY Resourcing can make your job hunting easier by:

Updating You With the Latest Job Vacancies in Gloucestershire

With many companies offering different job positions, you may be confused and feel lost at times during your job application. A recruitment agency, such as ours will be able to narrow down your list of possible employers.

CY Resourcing has an unparalleled search and selection service that you can filter through to find the list of job vacancies in Gloucestershire. Be the first qualified job-seeker to apply! We will update you with the qualities and requirements needed by the companies for you to get a better opportunity of landing the job..

Giving You Expert Advice Through Our Consultants

Our consultants are highly knowledgeable with the ins and outs of different finance jobs. We will educate you with the demands you need to meet for your chosen position and company. This will help you nail your job interviews with ease.

Connecting You With Other Companies

Firms in Gloucestershire have hired recruitment agencies such as CY Resourcing to help them look for prospective employees. With our relationship to different businesses, we can connect you to a wide range of companies offering different finance jobs to qualified applicants..

Being endorsed by a reputable recruitment agency, companies will give you a greater consideration for the position. With this, you will have a bigger chance of being hired.

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