Finance Jobs Worcester

After graduating from college, it can be hard for you to look for a job. There are plenty of job vacancies for graduates with a degree in finance but you may not be sure what job to take and which company to work for. This is the reason why CY Resourcing is here for you.

We provide specialist recruitment services for finance professions. You can talk to our skilled consultants about the things that you are looking for in a job or in a company. Our consultants will review your qualifications to help you find the right finance job in Worcester.

What Are the Finance Jobs in Worcester?

There are plenty of finance jobs you can find in Worcester with the help of CY Resourcing. Here are some of those jobs:

  • Investment Banker

Investment banks provide capital funding through investments in corporations or government entities. As an investment banker, you may handle stock and bond offerings or you can assist clients in transactions like mergers and acquisitions depending on the firm that you are working for.

In investment banks, analysts and associates are considered as entry-level positions. If you have recently graduated from college or are new to investment banking, you may be offered these positions.

  • Financial Analyst

The job of a financial analyst is to help decision-makers in determining investment strategies for the company. You will be researching about stocks, bonds, industries, and companies to assist investors.

A financial analyst creates business models as well as conduct quantitative analyses. He or she also makes reports and presentations about their findings.

  • Budget Analyst

Analyzing budgets and evaluating the impact of new and continuing ventures to a company are the duties of a budget analyst. He or she applies the principles of finance to the proposals and projects of a business.

You must have refined communication skills if you want to be a budget analyst. This is because you would need to interview managers when gathering information for the proposals. Budget analysts also train staffs so they would be knowledgeable about their organization’s budget development processes.

  • Credit Analyst

A credit analyst evaluates the economic standing of loan prospects. He or she assesses the risks involved in offering these prospects with loans. The credit analyst will also investigate to make sure that all the information provided by the client is legitimate.

As a credit analyst, you also need to have good communication skills. This way, you would be able to get important information from  prospective clients and share your analyses with your colleagues.

  • Bookkeeper

Bookkeepers, also known as bookkeeping clerks, are often responsible for most of the organization’s accounts which are kept in a general ledger. A bookkeeper records all the company’s transactions including debit and credit entry posts. He or she prepares financial statements and reports, and presents it to the supervisors and managers.

The bookkeeper compiles data from cashiers and verifies receipts. He or she also sends cash, checks, or any other forms of payment to the bank.

  • Credit Controller

The credit controller of a company is responsible for collecting money owed to an organization. As a credit controller, you may also have to negotiate repayment plans with people who are not able to pay their debts in full. You will be using databases to check or set up new credit records.

Since this is a finance job, you need to be numerate. You must also be a good communicator because your daily task involves a lot of speaking with individuals or businesses.

  • Financial Planner

Financial planners give pieces of advice to clients on how to properly manage their finances. Their goal is to help people develop plans that can ensure their financial stability in the present or for the future.

As a financial planner, you would have to review your client’s monetary goals and create the right plan for savings and investments. You may work on either large (nationwide) or small (local) firms.

  • Sales Administrator

A sales administrator is responsible for processing paperwork, generating leads, and arranging appointments. He or she is also in charge of dealing with invoices, monitoring order processes, and contacting debtors. Oftentimes, the sales administrator is the first point of contact for clients. This is why you need to have outstanding interpersonal skills if you want to be a sales administrator.

  • Financial Examiner

The financial examiner is tasked to check if a company is complying with the rules and regulations that govern financial and securities institutions, together with real estate transactions. He or she would have to review accounts, balance sheets, and loan documentations to ascertain a financial  institution’s assets and liabilities.

Financial examiners must also draft reports of their findings and communicate it to their clients. If you are interested with the ethical components of a company, being a financial examiner might be a good job for you.

  • Finance Business Partner

Finance business partners work closely with a business unit to create an active venture with the management and operations. They act as trusted advisers who can assist in decision-making processes.

To become a successful finance business partner, you should be able to interpret raw data. You must also be able to communicate these data clearly to your colleagues especially in the sales, marketing, and production departments.

  • Investor Relations Associates

An investor relations associate is the person in charge of preparing and presenting business information about their company or their clients. These information are presented to analysts, business media, and investors.

Some investor relations associates are also involved in information technology projects to improve the efficiency of the company’s transactions. Others may work with the marketing team of their company to maintain and manage their investors’ data in their databases.

  • Accountant

Graduates of finance have studied how to construct, critique, and interpret business statements. Just like accounting students, finance majors have also learned how to present financial information through charts or graphs. This is why they are also capable of doing accounting works in finance-oriented industries.

  • Payroll Supervisor

From the job title itself, a payroll supervisor oversees the administration of payroll so employees will receive accurate paychecks on time. He or she must adhere to all the rules and procedures involved in the distribution of the paychecks. The payroll supervisor must also know how to prepare tax and business documents to comply with regulatory requirements.

  • Chief Financial Officer

A chief financial officer manages and leads the overall business proceedings of a company. He or she tracks the profits and losses of the company and strategizes on how to make the company become more profitable. The chief financial officer must also ensure that the company’s monetary reports are accurate and are submitted on time.

To become a chief financial officer, you need to have an experience in management. This is because you may handle different divisions or departments.

  • Finance Director

Some companies may not have a chief financial officer but they have a finance director instead. The finance director helps the Chief Executive Officer or CEO of the company in managing financial operations.

The finance director must be knowledgeable about strategic planning, forecasting, budgeting, financial modeling, and mergers and acquisitions. Some companies may require that you have a master’s degree in business administration, finance, or economics to become a finance director.

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