What information is most important for you to see in a job advert?

  • February 26, 2018

Attracting candidates, as many hiring managers and recruiters find, is becoming increasingly difficult in such a candidate led market. Job advertisements are just one method that we use in order to do this, but what is it that candidates are looking for in adverts?

We're constantly experimenting with different styles of advert writing and are continuously wondering what makes the perfect balance of information? We don't want to inundate potential employees with too much information because they will switch right off. So what information do candidates want?

An article from Recruitment Grapevine, published today reported a job advert which had over 40 bullet points, for a Head of Marketing role which is ironic considering the advert was for a position where delivering strategic communications is the primary accountability.

They followed by stating it is best to steer clear of confusing job descriptions and impenetrable jargon when writing adverts. According to a report compiled by Business in the Community and City & Guilds, two out of three candidates, aged between 16 to 24 years old could not understand a role that they were applying for.

So we want to know when applying for jobs, what information draws you to click the apply button?

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