Project Management

Project Management has become a crucial discipline within the NHS, with many organisation having a dedicated Programme Management Office to keep up with the rate of change.  Whether you are looking to set up a new Programme Management Office, or seeking leadership for specialist NHS projects, we can provide a wide range of expertise with impressive track records of achievement.

Offering expertise in financial, operational, strategic and transformational change projects, our team of leading sector specialists can understand, interpret and ensure the delivery of the right solution when you need it most.

With an exceptional track record in enabling change, our team are well versed in building multi-disciplinary project teams for high profile NHS organisations to support QIPP, CIP and Transformation. 

Financially biased projects have included LTFM, SLR/SLM and system implementations.

Recent vacancies have included:-

  • Assistant Director of Programme Management

  • Business Planning Lead

  • Head of Programme Management

  • Programme Director

  • Programme Manager

  • Project Manager

  • Urgent Care Project Manager