Deadliest interview sins

When a job hopeful arrives up an interview, a recruiter or hiring manager mainly looks out for whether the candidate can do the job and if they will fit in with the company they are applying for.

However, there are a number of things jobseekers can inadvertently do that can unfortunately scupper their chances of being offered the job.

Whether it’s having no questions prepared to ask the interviewer, not holding eye contact or coming across under-confident, all of these errors can rub an interviewer up the wrong way and result in a potential job loss.

According to Anita Tweats, Chief Executive of The Finance People, advising jobseekers to thoroughly research a business and plan ahead will ensure they attend an interview feeling confident, which will dramatically improve their chances of landing the job.

She told the Mirror: “Preparation is key for interviews. Planning what you’ll wear before the day and doing your research about the company is essential.

“When it comes to the day, you should feel prepared and know where you’re going and take time to get in the zone.

“You must always remember that an interview should be more of a conversation – you are also trying to determine if it’s the right place for you to work, after all.”

She went on to share her list of the deadliest interview sins all candidates should avoid:

Poor hygiene

Rushing around in the morning and making sure you have all the necessary items for an interview, it can be easy for a candidate to forget to have a quick spray of deodorant before they leave the house. It’s therefore important that candidates ensure they’ve spruced up, their clothes look clean and neat and are stain free, to make a good first impression.

Limp handshake

A handshake can be a sign of confidence, therefore if a jobseeker’s handshake is weak and limp this will reflect badly on the interviewer. Have a good grip and maintain eye contact when you meet your interviewer.

Inappropriate flirting

While some candidates may think they can use their charm to bag a job, this is something that should be avoided at all costs. They are there to make a professional relationship after all, not a personal one.

Showing no curiosity

Applicants who ask plenty of questions and are inquisitive about the company they are applying to will show they’re truly interested in the role. As such, go in armed with a handful of questions to ask the interviewer.


It’s only natural for a jobseeker to feel nervous before an interview, however, the trick is for them to not show their nerves. The last thing a candidate wants to do is show their nerves as this will make the interviewer think they are not competent enough to take on the role they are applying for.

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9th September