Flooding challenges the Worcester bypass works

Worcestershire County Council appointed Griffiths to carry out the Southern Link Road Phase 4 (SLR4) improvement works and us commuters all look forward to the completed dual carriage way around the South of Worcester.

We have enjoyed watching the scheme develop but since October last year we have also witnessed the all to regular spectacle of 100s of acres under flood water engulfing the entire area of works. The sight  of materials and equipment floating away and all work having to stop, again, for days on end looks like a management nightmare so we talked to the Project Director to see how they are coping. He was very upbeat, explaining that as part of their risk assessment they had factored in the likely losses associated with working on a flood plain and were not behind schedule.

As the exceptional volumes of rainfall continue, there must be a strong likelihood it will exceed even the most pessimistic of risk assessments but whenever completed, they will be worth waiting for.

View a Flyover of the new Worcester bypass:

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18th February