Marvellous Morgan Cars

We at CY are invited to a large number of business events but this was one of the best; the discussions about corporate finance were stimulating, the sandwiches were delicious but the real thrill was seeing exactly how the iconic Morgan Motor car is made.

In an age of computerisation and robotics, watching the cars being built by hand, by craftsmen with years of very specialist expertise, underlined just how unique this brand is. With 40,000 different colours to choose from and numerous other optional extras, each car is like a bespoke work of art commissioned by a connoisseur. As past models on display demonstrated, the attraction of these cars stands the test of time and in a fast paced world, the longevity is endearing too.

It was also interesting to see what a success Morgan has made of opening itself up to visitors as we were told 30,000 people a year now do the factory tour, generating more income and publicity, as we were allowed to take photos:

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19th November