Recruiting in the New Year?

If you want to recruit the best person in the New Year, planning ahead is key. Our 30 years of working in financial recruitment across this area has consistently found two big seasonal peeks in the number of vacancies: September and more significantly, January.  These peeks in recruitment activity are accompanied by an increase in candidates registering too, but supply of candidates rarely perfectly matches demand, as Companies are all looking for the best candidates.

January 2020 could well see the number of vacancies increase by much more than the usual seasonal trend. The ongoing Brexit uncertainty and the December election has prompted many companies to delay recruitment this Autumn. The national statistics* on number of vacancies being placed demonstrate these delays in recruiting and suggests that there could be c 53,000 delayed autumn vacancies adding to the usual January recruitment volumes. Certainly our clients in this area tell us that whilst they might have delayed recruitment they do still need new talent. Come January, particularly if, as is hoped, the political uncertainty and Brexit stalemate is resolved, we are likely to see a rapid return to business as usual, Companies wanting to re-engage with their growth plans and teams strengthened to ensure they are able to maximise opportunities.

With just 27 working days left until the New Year, we strongly recommend that you start talking to us now about your possible recruitment needs, so that we can be identifying the right people well before the competition for them intensifies.  As always, there is no obligation in having these discussions with us and we are well used to plans changing over time. As experts in financial recruitment, our advice as to how best to achieve your aims will help ensure you avoid stressful staff shortages and are well set for a very successful new year.

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18th November