Candidate Suitability


Placements with passion

Securing the right talent

Compliance checks

All candidates complete the CY comprehensive registration process which includes stringent compliance & ID checking and REC approved declaration forms. We require of temporary candidates full and detailed references covering the last 2 years. We also check all their levels of financial qualifications with the respective Institutes. Thoroughly interviewing to criteria and other screening requests further ensures you see the best candidates with verified ability.

Ensuring compliance with frameworks and regulations:-

  • We perform 18 different check processes on candidates to ensure they are fully compliant, for their own benefit as well as that of employers.
  • Plus, if they are working via a PSC or Umbrella Company, up to 8 further check processes to ensure their arrangements are fully compliant.

How we work

Person Specification Reviews 01

We closely question the need for applicant limiting requirements in the person specification. For example, leading employers are now realising that specifying A level grades or Red Brick Universities may create bias against the disadvantaged who are just capable.

Advert writing 02

We avoid as far as possible ever saying candidates must have ... in any advertising as this deters applicants. We would rather receive everyone’s application as it may be they don’t have one desired trait but they have others to compensate for that.

Non assumptive marketing 03

Alongside our highly targeted searching and skilful selection, we also run blanket type marketing of the vacancy for two reasons. Firstly, to ensure that we have not rejected potentials on the basis of previous information that might no longer apply and secondly, to ensure equal opportunities and the absence of potential bias.

Assistance with CVs & Interviews 04

Often we find people may have the abilities to do a job but lack skill in how to present their CV most advantageously. We give them coaching and advice in preparing their CV to ensure their information is most accurately presented. Similarly we will give them interview tips and advice.