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With a 20 year track record of successful NHS recruitment and as one of the leading specialists in NHS financial recruitment, candidates benefit from the exceptional knowledge, skill and expertise we focus on your career aims and recruitment needs. Our aim is to perfectly match candidates with  job vacancies, to achieve the very best results for those seeking NHS Finance vacancies.

We provide specialist recruitment services to the NHS and to the general health sector, working with over 200 Trusts and Healthcare Commissioning Organisations throughout the country plus leading international health consultancy firms and overseas health service providers.

In 2019 we have again been  awarded a place on the Crown Commercial Service Non-Medical Non-Clinical (NMNC) Temporary and Fixed Term Staff Framework Agreement. We have also been selected for various other regional and local Frameworks and preferred Supplier Agreements.

Qualifications & Finance Jobs Entry Requirements01

There are a couple of usual routes for those working in Finance for the NHS:

  • Trainee or apprentice and study will you work
  • Obtain a finance qualification and apply for nhs jobs that you are suitably qualified to do
  • Trainee / Apprenticeship Entry Qualification

2 GCSEs including English language & maths recommended - computer skills & office or customer service experience

Recognised Finance Qualification for Job Applicants

  • Association of Accounting Technicians Certificate or Diploma (AAT)
  • Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales Certificate (ICAEW) in Finance Accounting and Business
  • ICAEW ACA qualification - degree or AAT Certificate is required
  • Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy Professional Qualification (CIPFA)  which requires remove:a finance degree and 2 A levels + 3 GCSEs including English language & maths

A Finance degree usually requires:

  • 2 or 3 A-levels (remove including  maths) + 5 GCSEs at grades A-C (including english & maths) OR
  • BTEC / NHC (including business or maths) or relevant vocational qualifications)

However, it is recommended that you check with the organisation(s) that you are interested in applying to for a job.

Best Advice if you're looking for a new NHS Career02

Be Prepared

Over the decades, the NHS has constantly evolved but the pace of change today is faster and more significant than ever before. Given the extent of the current transformation, our advice to you is be prepared for change, keep yourself informed of new positions as they arise and of course continue reading this article to learn about the various finance job opportunities that are frequently coming available through our books.

 If you work in the commercial sector or other areas of the public sector, we are keen to hear from you. A common problem NHS recruiters report is a shortage of financial talent. We believe that bringing in expertise and new ideas from other sectors will be highly beneficial to the NHS as a whole. With our expertise and understanding of our client's needs, we can identify and highlight transferable skills and experiences you might offer to each particular vacancy. We have also been particularly successful in overcoming any sector preconceptions in recruitment processes. 

As always, our results prove the point, with very successful 'other sector' appointments achieved at all levels, including Deputy CFO and Director of Finance positions with NHS Trusts and CCGs. 

To help you better understand the huge wealth of NHS Finance vacancies available to you and in particular, the context and aims of those roles, take a few minutes to find out how the NHS works:

Anyone interested in NHS Finance jobs also needs to be fully aware of just how difficult the financial challenges are as these sorts of opportunities, just like any other roles in the NHS are not easy, but if you get them right, they are enormously satisfying:-



NHS Finance Jobs

Finance Jobs in the NHS

Let's now take a look at the various finance job vacancies that commonly come up within the NHS and the skills, experience and qualifications you will need to be a relevant and potentially successful candidate. 

Finance Job Opportunities within the NHS. 

We manage all health sector vacancies ranging from salary levels of £25,000 to £200,000 plus per annum, including: 

1. NHS Board & Executive Director Appointments 

To succeed at this level, candidates need to demonstrate a wide range of skills beyond excellence in accounting and finance, most significantly a need to demonstrate strong leadership ability. In supporting Board level candidates through the application and selection processes, we can help you to convey your relevant strengths and suitability. For example, it is easy to forget the basics but actually some of the key skills include being a good listener, finding out about issues before making a decision and being a strong communicator, in particular an ability to translate complex financial information into easily understandable messages for those with little or no financial knowledge.

Accountable Officer

Salary Range: £120,000 - £130,000 pa

Leading a commissioning organisation that decides on the health services for local populations, the key focus areas for this role often include: 

  • Setting and developing the culture of the organisation 
  • Developing a clear and compelling organisational narrative that describes the future strategy of the CCG and communicate this to a wide range of audiences
  • Providing dynamic leadership to the CCG Governing Body, senior management and all CCG members 
  • Create a compelling vision for the future and communicate this within and across organisations
  • Be a strong communicator 
  • The role will require the post holder to develop and foster collaborative and effective whole system partnership working across health and social care providers, commissioners, Local Authorities and other NHS and non-NHS organisations and stakeholders.

Finance Director of NHS Trust

Salary Range: £120,000 - £130,000 pa

A Finance Director's duties will typically include: 

  • A Finance Directors duties and responsibility include the delivery of the Trust’s Finance strategies in achieving its overall objectives Influencing the Trust’s strategic vision, development of objectives, progress towards agreed targets, optimum use of resources and delivery of services, providing the very best care for each patient, on every occasion.
  • Providing expert advice and accurate, timely reporting on all financial issues. Guiding the Board of Directors and Executive team in ensuring the achievements of targets
  • Representing the Trust externally and play a key role in providing corporate leadership, supporting the development of effective working relationships within the Trust, across the wider health community and with other partners, promoting a culture that is progressive and inclusive.
  • Sharing responsibility for the financial probity of the Trust, the post holder will ensure adherence to the Standing Financial Instructions management of business and financial risk, through effective financial policies, systems and procedures
  • Leading and develop the highly committed Finance and IMT teams, ensuring that they contribute fully to all of the Trust’s activities and that systems are fit for purpose.
  • Working in conjunction with fellow Directors to develop the internal strategic ‘Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention’ framework, utilising clearly defined clinical and business management frameworks within which clinical leaders and managers can improve the performance of their services.
  • Being responsible for the delivery of the Trust’s Finance strategies in achieving overall objectives including developing the Cost Improvement Programme, devising investment plans and producing financial plans for capital programme.
  • Providing strategic leadership around preparations to become a Foundation Trust and to ensure that the Trusts financial systems are robust and fit for purpose.
  • Leading the review, development and implementation of the Trust’s IM&T Strategy, to provide for each person a comprehensive electronic record for their health and social care.

Chief Finance Officer managing the spending of NHS monies

Salary Range: £100,000 - £120,000 pa

The role of Chief Finance Officer focuses on the commissioning of health services with core duties that include:

  • Supervising the financial and accounting systems for the CCG and advising on the best possible stewardship of public money.
  • Advising the governing body on the effective, efficient and economic use of its allocation, meeting financial targets and duties.
  • Developing and implementing the medium term financial plans.

2. Senior Management Positions

Many of the proposed changes within the NHS involve Boards overseeing bigger or multiple organisations.

In order to do so effectively, the NHS will need to expand senior management teams, so more opportunities at this level are inevitable.

Typical vacancies and posts include:-

Operational Finance Director

Salary Range: £98,000 - £115,000 pa

The Director of Operational Finance supports the Trust in delivering a world class finance function and is a key member of the Trusts leadership team. The role includes:

  • Working across the peer group and representing the interests of the Finance Directorate at the Trust’s Operational Management Board.
  • Providing leadership and direction to the Finance Department and be accountable for overall performance.
  • Fully utilising past experience to drive continuous improvement, promote new ideas and initiatives, leading others through the journey to a sustainable future.
  • This role is ideal for experienced or aspiring Directors/Deputies who are looking to further their careers at a large Acute Trust.

Deputy Director of Finance

Salary Range: £68,582 - £100,000 pa

In assisting the Operational Finance Director, the Deputy Director of Finance will include:

  • Delivery of the monthly and annual accounts to the highest professional standards and integrated with the forecasting process.
  • Change leadership within Finance and the Trust, specifically the identification and implementation of appropriate best practices, the replacement of the current financial system and support for the alignment of services across Partners and other NHS bodies
  • Lead the development and maintenance of improved cash management.
  • Improve balance sheet management and integrate with the development of Return on Capital measures
  • Leading and develop the highly committed Finance and IMT teams, ensuring that they contribute fully to all of the Trust’s activities and that systems are fit for purpose.

Regional Head of Finance

Salary Range: £46,000 - £82,434 pa

With the ability to think strategically, the Regional Head of Finance influences the national agenda and provides national project support, understanding, formulating and implementing policy.

The post holder will be fully involved in consultations, working and policy development groups, acting as a conduit for the Secretary of State in disseminating policy and enabling its effective application.

Initiatives include developing structures, processes and communications, moving value to the centre of the agenda and improving decision making, for example, around the allocation of flexible funding.

Associate Director of Finance

Salary Range: £56,104 - £99,437 pa

The post holder will be primarily responsible for Financial Services, Financial Management, Planning and Reporting with a particular responsibility for Statutory Accounts, Charitable Funds, Annual Planning, Long Term Financial Modelling, Capital Planning and Financial Management.

The Associate Director of Finance will effectively manage and lead multiple teams. As an experienced and inspirational leader, the post holder will set and manage priorities, ensuring staff meet deadlines, as well as ensuring staff continuing professional development.

Financial Controller

Salary Range: £40,000 - £82,434 pa

The Financial Controller's key responsibilities include:

  • ensuring that all statutory accounts and returns are prepared within set timescales, meeting all legal requirements
  • ensuring all working papers are produced to a high professional standard
  • ensuring that a robust plan is in place for the financial accounting timetable
  • overseeing management of cash and working capital and assist with internal reporting in respect of the Trust’s capital programme and charitable funds
  • operational responsibility for the day to day management of the financial accounts team
  • being innovative by working with the team to identify and implement improvements to enhance the efficiency of the department.

Assistant Director of Finance for Reporting & Pricing

Salary Range: £56,104 - £82,434 pa

This role will require the following fundamental tasks:

  • Take full responsibility for the pricing, reporting and forecasting of NHS clinical income, primarily in relation to service level agreements with local commissioners.
  • Play a key role in contract negotiations with commissioners, in order to optimise the level of income due to the Trust under PbR and other contract rules.
  • Develop reporting to ensure accurate attribution of income and expenditure to Business Units.
  • This role requires excellent spreadsheet and modelling skills, plus the ability to communicate effectively with senior managers and clinicians both within the Trust and with external commissioners.

Assistant Director of Finance - Financial Management

Salary Range: £56,104 - £99,437 pa

The Assistant Director of Finance-Financial Management is responsible for the provision of timely and reliable financial management information and advice to the organisation.

The post holder is also responsible for the management and development of the Financial Management team, including Finance Managers and Assistant Finance Managers, which support the Trust’s individual Business Units.

This role requires strong financial management and reporting skills, with the ability to communicate effectively with senior managers and clinicians both within the Trust and externally.

Divisional Finance Manager

Salary Range: £40,028 - £68,484 pa

The Divisional Finance Manager works alongside the Divisional Director and Director of Operations in providing overall leadership and direction to the Division, comprising a range of Clinical Specialties.

The post-holder will have influence on strategic decision making within the Trust through the provision of business and financial advice. He/She will also be responsible for the management of the Divisional Finance Team, including staff development and all performance and disciplinary issues; support the development of the Trust’s Local Delivery Plans (LDPs) with commissioners, and identify and report on efficiency savings and the development of business cases.

Head of Financial Control

Salary Range: £46,625 - £82,434 pa

The Head of Financial Control manages and provides effective leadership to all areas i.e. technical accounting, treasury management (accounts receivable and cash management), accounts payable, capital and payroll. The post holder's role often includes:

  • promoting a positive finance staff development culture and ensure compliance with national and Trust strategies.

  • formulating plans to respond to changes in services and/or financial regime that may impact on the department and Trust (or other organisations where a service is provided).
  • supporting and advising the Director of Finance where appropriate.
  • ensuring existing Trust and national policies are implemented effectively and to monitor their compliance.
  • advising on the impact of any changes in policy that may be required and to implement any changes within the department and Trust (or other organisations where a service is provided).

Head of Treasury

Salary Range: £40,028 - £57,640 pa

The role of Head of Treasury is to provide in depth specialist knowledge of the processes available to an NHS Foundation Trust for investment, including the range of options set out within the Trust, with sufficient understanding to be able to prepare recommendation for the optimum courses of action, spreading risk while maximising returns.

In addition, the post holder will also maintain the banking, maximise the return on Trust temporary cash balances, ensure that all day-today receipts and payments are managed strictly in accordance with the Trust’s financial procedures and follow best practice for managing all bank and cash payments.

Head of Contracts & Income

Salary Range: £46,635 - £68,484 pa

The key purpose of the role of Head of Contracts & Income is to take the lead in maximising the income of the Trust through supporting contract negotiations with commissioners and ensuring that all potential income is identified and billed.

The post holder will also be responsible for accurate income reporting and forecasting which is crucial to the strategic decision making within a Trust. This role requires strong understanding of income and expenditure.

Head of Procurement

Salary Range: £46,625 - £82,434 pa

Head of Procurement supports the Associate Director of Procurement in managing operational work streams, play a key role in the Trust’s Procurement modernisation plans and raising the functional maturity of the Procurement team.

Through optimised category management and well organised business processes, Head of Procurement supports the delivery of cash releasing savings attributed to medical and non-medical spend. Suitable candidates for the role will have expert knowledge and experience in Procurement and management of commercial contract life-cycles.

The post holder will also have demonstrable experience in leading improvement and transformation projects, with a track record of negotiating contracts and managing competitive tender processes with a working knowledge of EU Regulations.

3. Key Positions within the Finance Team

High calibre candidates are always sought to strengthen teams and usually offer excellent development and progression prospects. Vacancies that we typically see coming up include:

Senior Financial Accountant

Salary Range: £31,383 - £57,640 pa

The Senior Financial Accountant supports the Head of Financial Control throughout the year-end process. The role includes:

  • compiling the Financial Control sections of the monthly board, Finance and Audit Committee papers.
  • Leading on the Balance Sheet, ensuring control accounts are reconciled and reviewed promptly and liaising with other departments within Finance.
  • Providing assurance on the material accuracy of its assets, liabilities and reported position.
  • Managing and provide effective leadership to treasury management (accounts receivable and cash management), accounts payable, capital and Charitable Funds.
  • Promoting a positive finance staff development culture and ensuring compliance with national and Trust strategies.

Costing Manager

Salary Range: £31,383 - £48,034 pa

The post of Costing Manager covers a wide remit.

The duties of Costing Manager includes managing highly complex and sensitive aspects of financial work within the organisation and working with other professionals at a senior level both within the organisation and externally.

The job will also include the need to clearly explain financial concepts to non-financial staff at all levels within the organisation so that services fully understand the information they are given.

Contracts Analyst

Salary Range: £26,302 - £41,373 pa

The Contracts Analyst provides contract monitoring reports, assists in the monitoring of PbR and non PbR contract activity, and supports the negotiation and monitoring of contracts to secure maximum income for the Trust. The post holder works closely with other members of the team to ensure that all Income reconciles correctly and lead on the challenge process ensuring any are responded to within agreed timescales.

Finance Manager

Salary Range: £26,302 - £57,640 pa

A Finance Manager's responsibilities will often entail:

  • managing a small team of accountants
  • providing accurate financial management information and financial analysis to support the organisation's national and local priorities.
  • ensuring the completeness & accuracy of the monthly management accounts and packs
  • providing detailed management information to key directorates, finance & non-finance stakeholders.
  • Monthly reporting, variance analysis, budgeting and forecasting.

Required Qualifications & Experience:

  • CCAB qualified or equivalent
  • Excel skills and strong background of delivering meaningful/ insightful financial analysis
  • Strong communication & relationship building skills
  • Proven track record of working within a large organisation
  • Leadership and team management experience

Financial Systems Manager

Salary Range: £31,383 – £48,034 pa

The Finance Systems Manager provides application support for the Finance Department and ensures the integrity of finance systems coding structure. In addition, the post holder's duties will include:- Developing and maintaining reporting software and data repository to ensure quality information is delivered to users through a range of media, in accordance with departmental timetables or user requirements.

Discussing information needs with finance managers, providing advice and guidance on their requirements and translate these requests into user friendly reports to enable appropriate decision making

Evaluating the departments requirements for improving business processes, then designing and developing applications and reports (e.g. Qlikview, Access Database and Excel) to meet those requirements

Assistant Financial Accountant

Salary Range: £21,909 – £35,225 pa

This role assists in the completion of the Trust’s monthly, quarterly and annual NHSiMonitor returns and the control of the Trust’s Balance Sheet ensuring control accounts are reconciled. The Assistant Financial Accountant will also plan, organise and supervise the Capital, Charitable Accounting and System Support section.

Cost Accountant

Salary Range: £26,302 – £48,034 pa

A Cost Accountand reports to the Head of Costing. The post generally has a wide remit, supporting the production of annual integrated reference costs and education costing returns, cluster based tariff reports for CCGs, and the implementation of PLICS (Patient Level Information Costing). The post generally requires individuals that are capable of managing complex data sets and to be a least part-qualified to CCAB level or equivalent.

Management Accountant

Salary Range: £19,217 – £41,373 pa

Much of the time of a Management Accountant will be spent working with operational budget holders to understand their positions and to support them with areas which need to be changed or adapted. The post typically carries study support for achieving a CCAB accounting qualification.

4. Interim, Consultancy & Project NHS Job Placements

The NHS interim arena has seen major change recently with the introduction of rates caps and changes to PSCs. With high level expertise and up to date knowledge, we are best able to advise candidates about working as an interim and what that is likely to entail. We are also able to present to you a wide range and variety of NHS opportunities as they arise.

To receive fast and automatic updates of new job opportunities, often even before they are marketed generally, register your contact information with us today (it only takes 2 minutes) or call our team on 0121 6326776.

5. Fixed Term & Secondment NHS Placements

The opportunities to work on a fixed length placement have increased enormously, with both recruiters and candidates appreciating the greater contracting certainty this offers, whilst also allowing both sides to benefit from the expertise and experience such assignments offer. For candidates who are quick learners, there is the chance to build up an impressive range of different organisational insight within relatively short periods of time.

Regions & Localities We Serve

CY Executive Resourcing recruits for nhs finance roles right across the UK and some overseas health roles too. 

The UK regions that we cover and actively recruit for include the North East, North West, Yorkshire and the Humber, East Midlands, West Midlands, East of England, London, South East, South Central, South West, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. 

Areas of greater population tend to have more health services resulting in more vacancies in places such as London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Bradford, Glasgow, Southampton, Portsmouth, Liverpool, Newcastle, Nottingham, Sheffield, Bristol, Belfast, Leicester, Cardiff, Derby, Brighton, Gloucester, Oxford, Norwich, Plymouth & Cambridge. 

So, if you are looking for a new finance job in the nhs in any of the areas that we cover, we would love to work with you to secure your next position. 

In Summary As with all careers in the health sector there is enormous reward and satisfaction in work that helps people and communities. The work is also incredibly varied, with continual technical and medical advances in treatments and approaches. Health services really matter to the population and continue to account for a large proportion of public spending, so it is a sector that will continue to receive substantial investment.

If you are looking for a new career in NHS finance or just looking for a new role within the NHS, contact us in confidence and without obligation to discuss this exciting big sector of opportunity that the NHS can offer you. 

Call 0121 6326776 or register your contact details with us and receive up-to-date alerts of new job listings as they arise. 

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Video on Finance Jobs in the NHS & the ongoing training provided by HFMA

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