Recruitment specialisms

Psychometric Profiling

Pre-hire assessment support01

CY Resourcing can design and run assessment centres for your particular vacancies to help ensure you identify and recruitment the best match for your vacancy. Psychometric tools can assist in selecting the best fit for new recruits or assessing current staff, to help with their ongoing training and development. There are a wide range of tests, tools and activities available. We are happy to run your own in house preferences or search the market for the most appropriate packages. One example we have regularly used for clients is the ERAS package, offering you a variety of different tools:-

The Quest Profiler®, measures a wide variety of personality traits and competencies, including:

The Quest Profiler

  • 24 Behavioural Preferences
  • Leadership Styles/Team Styles
  • Culture Match indicators
  • 20 Competencies
  • Competency Based Interview Questions and Behavioural Matrices
  • Sales Report
  • Conflict Styles
  • Jungian Type Profile (Myers Briggs)
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Transformational Leadership

Aptitude Test

These aptitude tests increase the likelihood of selecting the best person for the job and can also be used to identify strengths and development needs for current employees. There are two main tests.

Numerical Reasoning

measures the ability to evaluate and solve logical problems from managerial and professional level work-orientated data.

Verbal Reasoning

measures the ability to comprehend and draw inferences from managerial level work–oriented passages of text.

Psychometric Profiling Tools

Job Analysis 01

The revolutionary Job Analysis tools allow you to identify the key requirements of a particular role by generating an Ideal Role Profile. The crucial competencies and behaviours for your role can be automatically identified with the Job Analysis questionnaire, or you may prefer to design a bespoke Ideal Role Profile by picking your own mix of behaviours and competencies. A selection of Competency Based Interview questions can also be generated.

Job Match 02

The Job Match tools are ideal for the identification of areas to probe at interview, for candidate sifting during the recruitment process, or for the identification of training and development needs. By matching candidates against the key requirements of an Ideal Role Profile, you can easily identify development needs and sift applicants. Job Match can be applied to both The Quest Profiler® and the Job Match Matrix reports.

Threesixty 03

Threesixty looks as specific aspects of people’s working behaviour, such as people management, team working or interpersonal style, with a view to improving it. It is based on objective data gathered from people who are well positioned to observe the individual at work – typically their own staff, peers and manager. Feedback, whilst completely anonymous, is therefore very specific, meaningful and powerful.

Culture & Engagement 04

The culture, values and level of employee engagement within an organisation are widely acknowledged as having key influences on its performance and effectiveness. An organisation’s culture, values and engagement will therefore have a crucial impact on the way it operates. It influences what behaviours are rewarded, how people work together and how decisions are made. Managers need to have access to accurate, reliable and comprehensive information about their organisation’s perceived culture and values and to act promptly yet sensitively to deal with the implications that follow.