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Having talented people ready to work when you need them can be invaluable to a business, that's why we've created a network of hugely capable temporary, fixed-term and project-based finance professionals. With our entire network of more than 20,000 candidates having been thoroughly vetted, referenced and with existing placements going through our rigorous compliance checking process, you can rest assured that every finance contractor you have through CYER will hit the ground running.


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How we work

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Busy managers don't have the time to train temporary staff, that's why we build our process around matching the right skills, attitude and ability of our finance contractors to your business. With a huge number of our temporary finance staff being taken on permanently, we're confident that our temporary team members will fit the bill, and then some. From initial brief taking and understanding your needs, finding incredible candidates, to interviewing and shortlisting, and the eventual hire our aim is to make the process effortless for your business. Want to find out more? Talk to us.

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When you're looking for senior interim staff, you need them to add value from day one. With an extensive network of seasoned senior finance contractors, our consultants will assess your current and future needs to find you the right person for your business. Carefully matching their experience and track record to your requirements, we aim to find someone who'll deliver more than just business as usual..

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Every requirement is different, that's why we have a broad range of outstanding management consultants with impressive track records in delivering a wider spectrum of projects. We understand every single contractors potential, preferences and skill set so we're able to quickly and accurately match them to your business. From IT implementations to major recovery programmes and cost improvement, we know that accessing the right support is vital, and we're here to provide it.

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If you're looking for a first-class payroll service, CYER can help. Our Payroll Service Manager and her team have been efficiently delivering weekly and monthly payrolls for our clients, including temporary workers, limited company contractors and permanent employees. We appreciate the importance of delivering accurate payroll on time and our experienced team ensure everything is ran smoothly and efficiently for your business. If you'd like to find out more about our payroll service, get in touch.