Search & Selection

CYER has a long established division dedicated to Search and Selection campaigns, typically for Senior Manager to Board level or other key appointments. This service has been built on years of ongoing research into the factors influencing a successful appointment (or otherwise) and also into what attracts and what deters applicants.  It is surprising how often small details have a big impact on success- we know what these are and focus on getting them right. We coordinate every aspect, from devising attractive Information Packs and advertisements through to organising the Selection Events and ensuring the appointed candidates settle into their new role well.

The CYR Search & Selection Division has an unrivalled track record of achieving successful appointment time after time. We would be delighted to share with you testimonials, from our numerous previous Search and Selection clients, with comments including; “exceptional”  “outstanding”  “excellent”  “very impressed” ”strongly recommend”.

Yours is not just another vacancy

The one size fits all standardised recruitment approach adopted by some, will not ensure your vacancy stands out from the rest. Each CY campaign is a one off, best promoting your specific role, your unique organisation and your recruitment aims. We devise multifaceted strategies for each vacancy that will deliver recruitment solutions and exceed expectations.   Marketing the opportunity most effectively to the target audience, we are also very skilled in overcoming the off putting factors that might otherwise deter the best applicants. Continually reviewing effectiveness, we will adapt our approach to ensure we achieve desired results within often tight timescales.

Effective Headhunting Processes

There are those who may try and pass a few telephone calls off as a head hunting exercise but nothing could be further from the truth. CYR has developed a unique 6 stage process to take each candidate from disinterested/unaware through to committed applicant.  Throughout the campaign you can view the detailed progress through these stages for a predetermined target candidate list.

Approach the very best individuals in the market, not just those on the market”

To receive a detailed Proposal for your particular vacancy, without obligation and to read testimonials from previous satisfied clients, please contact: -

Multiple Vacancies

Re-organising teams, multiple vacancies or high temp usage would benefit from an overall talent acquisition strategy. CY has the required expertise to devise strategies that ensure your business has the financial skills and people it needs to succeed.  Options include an ongoing talent alert programme, so you are first to know about new people entering the jobs market through to detailed campaigns recruiting whole teams within tight timescales.

Case Study:

Recruiting my 6 new senior Finance Managers

By TW, Finance Director  

"I engaged CY to deliver a comprehensive search and selection process for six senior manager vacancies. My requirement was to recruit only the best and I believe that has been delivered without compromise across all six of the posts. This has been evidenced very clearly for those candidates now in post and who have each established in short order their credibility and calibre with colleagues.

I set a challenging timetable and was demanding as regards the calibre of process. This was delivered within the agreed timeframe and with a relevant choice of experienced candidates for each role. Long listed candidates had been interviewed and objectively assessed by my CY Recruitment Manager, enabling effective selection for the shortlists.

I am clear that CY and I worked well, they understood our requirements in detail and used their knowledge of the market to identify the best candidates who could meet the challenges of the role, as well as offering alternative solutions to give more variety when deciding the final shortlist.

My CY Recruitment Manager was a very helpful addition to our final interview panel, providing valuable support and advice.

From start to finish, this has been a job very well done and done in a very good way - professional, candid, objective and absolutely retained my confidence throughout.  CY have done us proud".